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Poster: tigerbolt Date: Jul 27, 2010 10:31am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: How much are you willing to pay for 5 vinyl albums you already have...$75.. $85... $100, how about $135??

i just recently been getting back to vinyl actually vinyl
rips to 24 bit and 16 bit by a network of audiophiles who
are posting the work on the net and let me tell you the quality is stunning.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
than the cd's i have.the american beauty rip i have is
fantastic likewise workingman's.the warmth and detail of the
instruments really stand out.a mint copy of anthem goes for
100 dollars and up(original 1968 green w7 label not the reprint and remix)all day on the net while the reprint you
can get under 40 dollars.aoxo is even harder to find that is the original pressing and mix and have seen that go for
200 dollars and all these vinyl rips depends on the
equipment these folks are using which they post on their blogs.2500 dollar turntables just to start not to mention
the tone arms,needle the price is not bad when you
think about it that is if the quality of these reissue's
meet the original.i really wish they could have added live
dead to the package.with that said if your happy with the sound of your cd i don't see why one should purchase this
package but if you get a chance to listen to a mint copy
ripped to 24 bit or 16 bit you'll be hooked like me and others.i'm playing a mono release of the first dead album
and really digging it,nice to crank it without hearing
the audio distortion at high levels that plague a lot of
cd's and the loudness war.... i'm still in debate though to seek out
the the original or the reissue since a lot of reissues come out flat compared to the original.always some cat that
tweaks something that doesn't need tweaking.

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